It is said that wise is he who learns from everything. In this section, we will try to look deeper into the fashion world and learn from it. Materials, styles, trends and everything related to this industry, always present in the history of humanity, can give us valuable life lessons.


Starting from the Basics

In general terms, fashion (from latin modus, “mode” or “measure”) comprises a set of clothing, ornaments and complements based on tastes, customs and trends widely accepted during a period of time.

What stands out in this definition? Fashion is transitory. Customs and habits commonly accepted at a certain moment are rejected in others. To illustrate this idea, it is enough to imagine a pair of jeans in the Middle age or a toga in the 90’s.

What is the reason behind this phenomenon? In its origins, aesthetics practices and in particular those related to dressing, are linked to social changes.  In other words, fashion changes according to the needs of the society at a certain moment. In our days, a good example is the utilization of new ecologic materials that are in line with the current values related to environmental care.


The Learning

In the same way, many times our customs and habits (expressed in the behaviors that we adopt in our lives) are functional to our needs. But, as time goes by, these can become obsolete and not be suitable for a new context in which we need something different.

In this sense, it is within us the capacity to become a cool hunter as to be attentive to the changes in our surrounding and be aware of our new internal needs. The main goal? To design the changes that allow us not to get stuck and out of fashion with old paradigms and set trends.


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This was an interesting read, thanks for sharing!

– Mica from Boost Your Blog


Thanks Mica! Glad you enjoyed it!:)