Sewing gives us the power to be sustainable by repairing or recycling items that deserve to have a better and new life. So the idea is to recycle old materials that we already have and don’t feel like throwing away.


Making Something New out of the Old

The main idea is to reuse all those pieces of material that you have at home and turn them into beautiful new items. It is also a good option to buy cheap second-hand garments and recycle them as to give materials a second chance. Besides, there is something special in knowing that your creation has a past life embedded in it and that it belonged to someone who had many life experiences with it.

Recycling or Upcycling?

We all more or less know what recycling means and that’s why we use the concept in general terms. But why not going a bit deeper and understand what are we really doing here using scraps?

When something is recycled it is broken down so the basic materials recovered can be reused into something new. Think about materials like plastics, paper, metals or glass. The new products resulting from the process, however, are usually lower quality than what they were before being recycled.

When something is upcycled, it is not broken down. The product is reused in many different ways but the material (and its quality) stays the same.

Either way, we are taking an item and reusing it, returning it back to the cycle of daily contribution to society rather than discarding it to trash.

This bag is made of a Recycled Tire

Find Your Project

Now you know what this is all about and why it is so important, you are ready to start with your own upcycling project. Internet is a huge source of creativity, so you can find many ideas depending on your taste and preferences.

If you are into leather jewelry here’s a very easy project to start with: How to recycle leather scraps to make your own earrings.

Or you can recover that old beloved bag that is in no condition to take outside.



A step-by-step guide to creating your own Fashion Projects!



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I LOOOOVE a good upcycle. There are a ton of people in my area who do it with furniture and it’s awesome to watch.


Sure Gail, and not only with furniture, it can be applied to almost everything!


I have never heard about upcycle before, but it is such a great idea.


Thanks Kiara! Glad you learnt something new 🙂