Once upon a time the only place to acquire objects, clothes or accessories was in physical stores. This unique model of purchase and consumption made things simple for brands: customers used to adapt to what they had to offer. But one day everything changed. With the Technological Revolution, nothing would be the same as it was.


At the beginning, many thought that the new virtual world was just another aspect to take into account when thinking about the Brand and Marketing strategies. But soon, it was clear that it was much more than that: the online explosion implied a philosophical shift as it meant a whole change in the way we related to each other, but also to brands and companies.


The Challenges

It is agreed that e-commerce expanded the opportunities in a way that was hard to imagine previously. Today, online sales of apparel and accessories are growing fast and there is a huge potential in the industry. But there is also a challenge to be faced, as fashion has its own peculiarities and characteristics. And finding the perfect size and fit without trying the garments in the shop, represents a frustration for many consumers and extra costs for retailers. At this point, new problems require new and creative solutions.

The Solutions

Here is where Fashion-Tech makes its disruptive appearance. By building bridges between us as customers and fashion brands, the new technologies in this industry are much more than tools, they are bonds that reinforce the relationship between us and companies. Body scanning, Recommendation engines, and 3D body replicas are means to achieve customer engagement by understanding our right to be different and unique, considerably reducing fitting issues.

What People Want

Today it is the duty of the brands to give answers to customers needs and even exceed our expectations providing us with easier, more pleasant and interactive experiences. We want to participate and feel that the brand shares our values.We seek to relate in an emotional way, not only because of a rational convenience.

Happily Ever After? 

Fashion and technology are today an inseparable marriage in which each one needs the other in order to, not only survive to the challenges but more than that, capitalize the opportunities that the major changes bring. Fashion is redefining itself in a dynamic way showing that it understands customers and cares about our needs. How? By giving us answers and solutions at the reach of our hands. At just a click of distance.


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