There is no doubt that in the last years, our interest in knowing how things are done and the will to be able to make them ourselves has largely increased. Internet and the new platforms have made it easier than ever to share knowledge and tips in a super simple and eye-catching way. In this context, the sewing and crafts world has been no exception.


If you are always trying to understand the deeper purpose of things, here I give you 10 reasons you should learn/keep learning how to sew and to create for yourself.

REASON 1: It’s Fun

Sewing is like a game, a puzzle where all the pieces are meant to fit perfectly together in the wake of a bigger “picture” or final result. We benefit from enjoying the process itself and also from the satisfaction of producing a tangible beautiful thing as a consequence of our own work and effort.

REASON 2: It develops new Skills

Sewing is more than entertaining or functional. It helps us develop physical and motor skills: like when you pass a thin thread through a tiny hole, or when your hands know the exact amount of pressure you should apply to a stitch. But it also improves personality aspects such as patience (oh, yes it does!). It expands our logical thinking and even our mathematical capabilities (I must admit this has been a bit challenging for me). And finally, it develops our ability to work methodically and meticulously as to become goal oriented and focused individuals.

REASON 3: It potentiates Creativity

Creativity is not just about inspiration, it is mainly the result of practice and hard work. It is not about creating something from scratch but combining existing elements in a completely different way. Sewing can lead us to be more creative beings since it gives us tools that allow us to connect those different elements together.

REASON 4: It’s Cheap

We don’t need much to start sewing. Some thread, fabric, scissors, and needle should be enough to give our first steps. I remember when I first started out: I didn’t have a sewing machine by then and I produced by hand a whole collection of children’s colorful pillows. For sure it took me much longer, but still, it was rewarding to see what I was capable of with so much little. If you do have the opportunity of acquiring a sewing machine from the very start, there are many affordable sewing machine options for beginners to choose from.


REASON 5: It’s Challenging

Having projects, no matter its nature, is always a challenge. Creating something puts us in unknown situations that take us out from our comfort zone. We need to figure out how to solve the unforeseen, doing and redoing things until it’s right. In this sense, it challenges our ability to think out of the box and be flexible.

REASON 6: It’s Sustainable

Knowing how to sew gives us the possibility of repairing or recycling things, which is a HUGE power. In a world where things become rapidly obsolete and disposable, sewing gives us the chance of giving a longer life to items that we want to keep and mean something to us.  For instance, transforming your mother’s wedding dress to create your own, is a way of respecting the beauty of the material itself and the legacy of your family as well. How? By preserving what the dress represents.

In the Japanese Boro technique, Boro literally means scraps of cloth. This term is used to describe clothes and items that have been patched-up and repaired many times. The idea underneath was that once clothing was made, it would be maintained throughout the owner’s lifetime, or perhaps even longer.


REASON 7: It improves Confidence

The more we practice, the more we feel we master a certain technique. Confidence results in more productivity. And more productivity gives better results. It’s a cycle that feeds itself to make us better at what we do as well as more confident in ourselves.

REASON 8: It’s Therapeutic

The harmonious and repetitive moments necessary to sew or create any craft, have proved to have therapeutic benefits by improving mental health and emotional well being. These activities introduce us to a state of mindfulness: they require concentration on the present task, allowing us to have a break from the thoughts of the future and the past that invade our minds. When sewing we learn to be in the present, to appreciate and observe what is happening here and now.

REASON 9: It’s a Source of Income

Once we manage to master one or more crafting techniques, the possibilities are endless. It is rewarding to make beautiful and useful things for ourselves and for our beloved ones, but the new skills also open us a window of new opportunities. They can help us build a business of our own or to create a new source of income. Remember: knowledge is power. Combine it with love for what you do, and that’s all you’ll ever need.

REASON 10: It connects people

Sewing has an ability to bring people together from all walks of life and from all ages, looking to share knowledge or just some company. It is ancestral to sit in a group and stitch, weave or mend.  These activities bring us together with those who share our same interests and make us part of a community, of something bigger than us. I encourage you to join this online community to receive all the latest posts and to be in contact as to share your feedback and ideas.

I hope that by now you are already convinced of the importance of knowing how to sew and that I managed to put in words the deep purpose behind our shared interest. I hope you agree at least with some of these 10 reasons. And If I’m missing something, I’d love to hear what you have to add!




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Hi! I'm Daiana, author of Thread Stories: a Blog for the Fashion and textile inspired. A space to worship sewing and craftsmanship where you will find Tips, How to’s, Trends, DIY, Techniques, Tools & Resources to create for yourself in the most conscious, creative and inspiring way!

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I actually find this interesting. I have absolutely no idea how to sew and I never thought it would be something I would be interested in, but after reading this I may consider it! Especially hearing it’s Theraputic. I need something that can help relax me.


I’m glad you are considering something you never tried before Rikki. It definitely worked for me and I hope it will work for you too. Just try and see!

Jena at Rooms NEed Love

I’ve been wanting to learn to sew for so long. I have a sewing machine, but I need to just take on the challenge like you say!


Sure Jena! There are a lot of resources and easy stuff for beginners. You just need to start!

Laura Jane

I have not done any sewing for a while but it is definitely something that I want to start doing in 2018! I have so much fabric so I need to start making things out of them.

Thanks for sharing


Thank you Laura! I hope this helps you get inspired. 2018 is THE year to start. Good luck!

Lynne M

What a unique & interesting post on the art of sewing!
YOU have made me look at sewing in a different light Daiana.

I LoVe all of your points mentioned, especially the sustainable part.

All of your quotes, images, words are beautiful.

Thank YOU!


Thank you Lynne! You’ve just made my day, I’m touched by your beautiful words. I put my heart on it and it feels great knowing my message is received that way.


Daiana, I’m so glad to see you promoting sewing. I used to sew up a storm when my kids were home. I haven’t sewn for 20+ years now and miss it very much. Thanks for reminding me why I need to shoehorn sewing back into my life in the near future.


Thanks Deb! I’m really glad I made you consider sewing again. That is the purpose of the post ;). Good luck and happy sewing!