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Japanese Boro and its Teachings on Sustainable Fashion

Is Sustainable Fashion a truly modern concept? Japanese Boro proves that it is not.

Sustainable Fashion: 3 Methods to put into Practice Today

Making, Repairing, and Patching: Never these three skills have been more valued.

Ronit Elkabetz: Dreams from the Wardrobe

Do clothes make the man or is it perhaps man - or woman, rather - who breathes life and power through clothes?

The Sustainable Challenge: Recover that old beloved bag

It is about accepting but not resigning. Because "Nothing is lost, everything transforms".

10 Best Fashion Quotes of all times

The conceptions that exist about fashion and its goals are varied. Here you will find a selection of famous quotes […]

DIY Recycled Leather Earrings

We have the power to be sustainable by repairing or recycling items that deserve to have a better or new life. Start today with this easy project!

How Coco Became Chanel

Coco Chanel’s life is far from being a fairy tale. It is the story of a girl’s rise from an obscure beginning to the heights of the fashion world […]

DIY Recycling: The Art of Turning the Old into the New

The idea is to recycle old materials that we already have and don’t feel like throwing away. The main idea is to […]

Challenges & opportunities for fashion in the technological era

How e-commerce expanded the opportunities for the online sales of apparel and accessories.

How Fashion relates to our ability to change?

Materials, styles, trends and everything related to the fashion world, can give us valuable life lessons […]

Pleating with a Fork

[****VIDEO]. Did you think that you could make pleats using just a fork? It will save you lots of time and effort. Try it for yourself! [...]

How to DIY Pleated Skirt in 10 steps

Try it for yourself and create your very own pleated couture skirt step by step! For all bodies and sizes. [...]

The story behind Pleating

Next time you buy a pleated garment or even make one, you'll know what it took to get to that “simple” piece.

10 Reasons to learn sewing

Why should you learn to sew and what impact does it have on our lives? Here I give you 10 reasons.